Learn the RV Lingo

If you're new to the whole RV lifestyle, you'll soon discover that RV resorts have a unique vocabulary. You may want to brush up on your terminology so that you don't confuse your mobile home with a motor home, or your Class A with your Class B.

RV Basement: Sounds like a rec room under your RV, doesn't it? It actually means the living room in your RV is built above the chassis, allowing for extra storage space under the floor. Many of these are designed so that the storage space is accessed from either side for easy access. These units are taller than most and the driver needs to be aware of the height limitations when driving.

Electrical: This term denotes that both electricity and water are available at the RV park.

Extended Stay Site: Some parks only allow campers to remain for short periods of time, in the case of an extended stay site, individuals can remain for up to an entire season at a time.

Federal Parks: These are RV parks run by the National Forest Service, NFS, or the National Park Service, NPS. If you're looking to save some money, often times these facilities offer work programs in exchange for a reduced rate.

Full Hookup: These park offer all of the common trailer hookup amenities including electricity, sewer and water.

Mobile Homes and Motor Homes: These terms are often confused, but describe two very different types of homes.

A mobile home is not a recreational vehicle and is not allowed in Arizona RV Parks. It can be towed to a trailer park or retirement community and set up usually on blocks. It is not meant for touring or moving on a regular basis.

A motor home is a motorized recreational vehicle that can be driven as opposed to being towed. It comes complete with a fresh water tank, and holding tank for waste water.

Slideout: These are very common in newer RV's and are very handy when it comes to creating additional living space. You park your trailer, extend the slide out and presto, your kitchen, living room or bedroom instantly widens by a few feet.

Classes of Recreational Vehicles